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Christian Alcohol Intervention

At, our faith based commitment to excellence stems from years of dedicated service. We embrace those who are struggling with alcohol related problems as if they were our own loved one.
When someone contacts us, we are very aware of the stakes involved and the need for sound advice. In fact, many of us have also been personally impacted by the devastating effects of alcohol abuse and chemical dependency, along with the mental health related problems that result.
Treating alcohol and drug addictions, along with the spiritual malady and any co-occurring disorders that may be underlying is an essential part of our compassionate approach. So if you or someone you love needs help, please take a few moments to discuss your particular situation with one of our helpful recovery advisors. Together we can make a difference!
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Learn About Treatment Types

The path to addiction treatment isn't a straight line, and the process is as individual as the people we're helping. The following topics cover the most common areas of substance abuse rehabilitation and give you a brief overview of what to expect. Don't let the name fool you, can help with the entire range of drug and alcohol treatment phases, not just Rehabs! If you're ready to take the next step and get help for yourself or a family member, call an advisor today. Don't waste another day you could spend getting well.

Getting Sober

So you're looking to get help, either for yourself or someone you love. This is the first major step toward a sober, drug-free life!

Intervention Services

When your loved one or friend doesn't recognize the damage they are doing to themselves or people around them, a difficult but necessary discussion must be had.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Detoxification is the process whereby the body is carefully weaned off the addictive substances in a measured fashion while any withdrawal symptoms are treated.

Rehab Treatment

A patient continues their stay in a residential facility or outpatient program for physical and mental recovery, during and after the completion of a detox regimen.

Addiction Therapy

Key components to any course of inpatient or outpatient treatment are group and individual addiction therapy. They help the patient to overcome root issues and build healthy coping skills.

Extended Care

Aftercare helps create a strong support network, which is a vital part of staying sober and drug-free. It often begins in a group therapy setting.

Sober Living

Sober living communities are for patients who want the ongoing support and camaraderie of others adjusting to a new, clean life.

Recovery Programs

A person's commitment to long-term wellness requires attentiveness and support, and it will create physical and mental health benefits for the rest of their lives.

Relapse Prevention

Making sure you're in tune with your mind and body, while knowing how to keep yourself from relapsing during stressful times will be the key to keeping yourself free from addiction.

Begin the healing process today!

Speak to one of our recovery advisors and receive a free confidential consultation.


Begin the healing process today! Speak to one of our recovery advisors and receive a free confidential consultation.


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